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Steve Barrett

1) Favorite Cottonwood Performance: Opening for The Roots and Boots Tour ... 3 Country Legends.. Aaron Tippin, Sammy Kershaw and Collin Raye!

2) Funniest Cottonwood Story: Every rehearsal!

3) Most awkward moment on stage: Watching David roll across stage when he fell during the Roots and Boots concert

4) Favorite Venue: The Shack 

5) Personal music career high: Playing for the Rock the House for Shriners Children Event every year is the most meaningful!  Opening for Cheap Trick and Molly Hatchet as part of the group Shocker was amazing. 

6) Most embarrassing moment on stage: I fell off stage and was attacked by a LP

7) Musical influences: All music at different times, speaks to my soul!

8) Musical mentor: My brother, David ... that doesn't mean I like him! 

9) Story to share: Got to hang out with Cheap Trick for a day! 

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