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John Corbett

1) Favorite Cottonwood Performance: Opening for Billy Ray Cyrus at Showcase Live, Willie Nelson at the Calvin Theater and Blackhawk at Celebrate Holyoke ... can't pick just one! 

2) Funniest Cottonwood Story: Playing at Lake Winnipesaukee and Chris called ahead to find out the situation.  The woman on the phone tells him to come by but he says he hasn't showered yet and he is dirty.  The woman askes " Well, how dirty are you?" Chris's reply?  " How dirty do you want me to be?" 

3) Most awkward moment on stage: Chris falling off the stage at a gig. 

4) Favorite Venue: Showcase Live

5) Personal music career high: My wife and I were in Vegas for our 18th wedding anniversary. We stayed at New York New York and went to the piano bar in the hotel.  I sang " Faithfully" to my wife and a bar with 300 people in it! Amazing! 

6) Most embarrassing moment on stage: I've never been embarrassed on stage

7) Musical influences: Elvis Presley and then everyone else

8) Musical mentor: Mark Simone. He helped me prepare for my first audition with Cottonwood.

9) Story to share: I had auditioned for Cottonwood 3 times ... at the time I was living alone and renting a basement apartment ... I was in bed one night and the phone rings was Dan Whalen just saying hello!  The phone was passed from one band member to another eventually ending up back with Dan.  He proceeded to welcome me to the Cottonwood family....a memory and experience of a lifetime! 

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