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John Drake 

1) Favorite Cottonwood Performance: Celebrate Holyoke 2003

2) Funniest Cottonwood Story: Many Chris Allison comments and incidences! 

3) Most awkward moment on stage: Chris falling off the stage at a gig. 

4) Favorite Venue: Foxwoods - We had stagehands to move my equipment!

5) Personal music career high: Northampton Airport with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Travis Tritt 2001 or Tootsies in Nashville! 

6) Most embarrassing moment on stage: See #3

7) Musical influences: Drummers with the 60's British Invasion bands, Drummers with 60's California bands (mostly Hal Blaine with the Wrecking Crew) and Carmine Appice of the Vanilla Fudge!

8) Musical mentor: Nobody, self-taught or self-untaught! 

9) Story to share: TBA

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