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Greg Dwinell

1) Favorite Cottonwood Performance: Opening for Willie Nelson at the Calvin Theater, also can't forget shows with Little Bid Town, Lee Roy Parnell & Toby Keith
2) Funniest Cottonwood Story: The endless humor of these guys has kept us all laughing all these

3) Most awkward moment on stage: Chris falling off the stage in the middle of a song. He landed on his back down on the floor covered by his keyboard rig. He looked up and smiled so we just kept playing.

4) Favorite Venue: Fox Theater at Foxwoods or Tootsies in Nashville

5) Personal music career high: Sitting at the dinner table.. the tv is on in the next room.. Beavis
& Butthead (MTV) feature a Dinosaur Jr song I played on.. At first I'm thinking that sounds familiar

6) Most embarrassing moment on stage: Exact gig start time at the Hampton Beach Band Shell...ready for the first note, then.. panic.. no audio from the keyboards

7) Musical influences: too many to list ..some include: Beatles, Verdine White, James
Jamerson, Joe Casey, Brian Wilson, Led Zepplin, Bold, Wildweeds, Merle
Haggard, Buddy Emmons, Don Kelly crew, Clean Living, 9 lb Hammer

8) Musical mentor: Radio and Records

9) Story to share: It was a great day when Dan stopped by to invite me into the band..


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